On the highest mountain in the surroundings, stands two beautiful statues overlooking the landscape of Lapland.

Here you can meditate by one of the two large Buddha statues and enjoy the view.
This is also the place of an annual Buddhist ceremony that’s open for everyone to visit.
From the top of the mountain you can take the Meditation Path to the Temple.


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Phramaha Boontin Tausiri

Phrakro Anan

Phra Dew



Rent a 'klot' for a donation.

Meditate in the forest

For a donation you can rent a “Klot” - a large umbrella equipped with a mosquito net and waterproof top so that you can meditate mosquito and insect free. Ask one of the monks in the temple to get one.


Walk the path in 15 minutes or 3 days.

From the statues to the temple

Along the Meditation Path are benches and platforms where you can stay to rest, meditate or enjoy the surroundings. The trail can be walked in 20 minutes, or many days, depending on what you seek.


Rent a raft for a donation.

Meditate on the water

Along the Meditation Path runs a trail to the lake where you can meditate on a raft for a donation.

Walk the path in 15 minutes or 3 days.


Visit the temple.


At the Temple you’ll find a Buddha statue on the top floor of the barn. Here you can sit down and rest. Anan and Phradew are two monks that permanently live at the temple and happily tell you more about Buddharama Temple Fredrika. Inside you’ll find a beautifully Thai decorated room with statues, flowers, pictures and more.